Shakespeare Schools Festival

role. Workshop Facilitator and Stage Director

date. August 2019 - Present

location. UK-wide

The annual Festival is Shakespeare Schools Foundation’s flagship project and the world’s largest youth drama festival. We use the unique power of performance to develop self-esteem, articulacy, literacy and teamwork; skills that transform lives. In autumn 2019, a new generation will discover that by performing Shakespeare on a professional stage, they can gain the confidence to aspire and achieve in any walks of life.

Every year, we work with thousands of pupils from every community, background and age group across the UK. Months of preparation culminate in exhilarating performances in professional theatres nationwide; a night which can give confidence and self esteem to last a lifetime.

The 19th Shakespeare Schools Festival runs from October to November 2019. With around 300 performances from Penzance to Falkirk, Barnsley to Belfast, from inner-cities to seaside towns, it promises to be a thrilling experience for all! 

I co-deliver workshops on the fundamentals of stagecraft and Shakespeare (working as an ensemble, Shakespeare’s language, projection, physicality and characterisation) to primary, secondary and SEN schools. During Shakespeare Schools Festival days, I lead each company through technical rehearsals, and run a full company warm-up prior to hosting the evening performance.

At times, I also cover the Company Manager position which involves stage management of performances and managing companies of up to 130 young people.

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