title. Fight/Flight

company. Faultline Theatre

role. Co-Artistic Director

location. Seventeen, Aberdeen

date. November 2016

A collaboration between myself and theatre director Claire Davidson, Faultline's first commission "Fight/Flight" was part of Seventeen Commissions Funded by Aberdeen Place Partnership.

Fight or flight occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. Fear is the catalyst for this process. Is fear a conditioned response? And what does fear have to do with the imagination, if when we are scared we create stories in order to deal with our feelings?

We asked the people of Aberdeen to share their experiences of fear with us over the course of our 3 week residency in Seventeen, to help us to create characters who decide whether to face their fears or run from them. Does a narrative of fear control our ambitions, or does a fear of failure force us onwards? Is fear simply our natural instinct for survival?

The above video documents the resulting monologues developed during the residency. 

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