title. Find One Place

company. The Museum of Loss and Renewal

role. Artist

location. Timespan, Helmsdale

date. March 2017

This work was part of the Making Museums: New Collections for Timespan project in Helmsdale, North Scotland. I was one of four artists who worked at Timespan to create a proposal for a new or alternative addition to Timespan’s collections. The final proposal reflected Timespan’s core focus: bringing together contemporary art, collections, heritage and archives considering their location and audiences. My addition to this was a series of rocks from Helmsdale beach with words that stayed with me during my time there. The piece is interactive and asks the audience to re-arrange the rocks to create their own poems. The proposal was presented on Day 2 of Making Museums, as part of the Symposium programme and this work now forms a part of Timespan’s collection. 

This particular element was one of four parts to the project; including a performance (Helen King), handmade postcard books (C. M. Conte) and a lecture/story (Stuart McAdam).

Video credits:

Filmed by Stuart McAdam

Performed and Edited by Gemma Connell

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