title. Flow!

company. The Artifact Dance Company (previously Broken Rose)

role. Artistic Director and Performer

location. Flow! has toured to Contact Theatre (Manchester), 24:7 Theatre Festival (Manchester), Pavilion Dance South West (Bournemouth), The Winchester (Bournemouth), Hotchpotch (Dundee), MakerSpace (Dundee), Woodland Creatures (Leith), Sweet Venues (Edinburgh) The Royal Mile Virgin Money Stage (Edinburgh), Roseangle Commons (Dundee Commons Festival), Westgate Shopping Centre (Dundee), Sweet Venues (Dundee), The Vision Building (Dundee), Chapel FM (Leeds), The Drouthy Cobbler (Elgin). 

date. October 2011 - December 2016

Following its debut at Contact Theatre in October of 2011, Flow! brings together dancers and spoken word artists in an extraordinary fusion of movement and words.


Flow! is a revolutionary open stage event that sees dancers in close conversation with spoken word artists. From its roots in the USA, slam poetry has become a cultural phenomenon, touching the hearts and minds of those involved in the hip hop genre, as well as that of modern literature. Over the years, the lines between this form of performance and other arts have begun to blur. Flow! takes this a step further, allowing the spoken word to entwine itself with the human body. This event sees a succession of duets and group performances, teaming up poets with dancers to showcase their art forms collaboratively. Each pair locks, pops, spits and rhymes their way through a spontaneous set.

"Very occasionally in life, you get the opportunity to see something that is truly one of a kind. Something so unique that you are left feeling as if you have witnessed something truly magical. For me, Flow! #3 was that opportunity" - Nikki McCullen (Reviewer, Do More Magazine)

Photos by Scott Carroll, Jade Haverson and Gemma Connell. 

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