role. Creative Director, Editor and Writer

location. Worldwide

date. July 2020 - Present


Like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 brought my professional and personal life to a screeching halt. I couldn't dance with others, I couldn't teach dance classes and I couldn't create new choreography with the companies that I loved. I also couldn't travel anywhere - my love of climbing mountains, wandering through forests and museums, exploring beaches - it all had to be put on hold. It's amazing what your mind does to itself when your passions are suddenly taken away. As the UK began to ease lockdown, I wondered how I might go about celebrating my love of dance and travel (as well as my interest in other elements of global arts and culture) from that moment forward. Before lockdown, I had begun to plan a year travelling around the world with my partner, and so I gave myself a post-lockdown mission: to film a short dance video in every place I visit around the world. 


In each of the footSTEPS dance videos, my movement is completely improvised and inspired by my surroundings and my experiences in that location. Each video is accompanied by some information about the site, an exploration of my thoughts and inspiration for the dance, and some photos I took along the way. I also take the time to explore the process of creating these dance videos - what I enjoyed or found challenging about working with each site, and the stories that I accumulated along the way. 

I'm starting local as COVID-19 restrictions in the UK continue, but hope to branch out as soon as I am able. 

Choreography, performance and editing: Gemma Connell

Director of Photography and Filming: Ian Abbott

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