title. Motion Capture

company. The Artifact Dance Company

role. Artistic Director and Performer

location. Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee

date. May 2016

“Motion Capture” sees two currently unrelated areas of art; music making through live coding and improvised dance, come together in an experiment live on stage. Electroacoustic musician and live coder Suk-Jun Kim creates music through a computer, whilst two dance artists improvise movement in response. The dancers know nothing about what Suk-Jun Kim will code, but must create a coherent piece of performance in the moment.


Inspired by The Artifact Dance Company's "Flow!” events, where dancers and spoken word artists perform a series of spontaneous duets, “Motion Capture” now takes this a step further, bringing a technological, machine element into a collaboration that was previously undertaken by human beings.

The premiere of Motion Capture was part of Ignite Dundee’s 2016 Ignite Sparks programme celebrating the Year of Innovation, Architecture & Design. 

"That was intense. I hovered between a happy place and great anxiety" - Clare Brennan (Curator, Hannah Maclure Centre)

Video by Ian Abbott. 

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