title. Our Flow! Women's Aid

company. The Artifact Dance Company

role. Faciliatator

location. Dundee Women's Aid

date. January - April 2017

I was thrilled to receive funding from Women's Fund for Scotland to deliver dance and spoken word workshops to women recovering from violence in Dundee. I worked in partnership with Dundee Women's Aid and the Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre in Dundee on this project. The women involved felt empowered by the opportunity to write and perform their own spoken word, giving their opinions a voice. Through the exercises in the workshops, the participants became choreographers, building skills in listening and decision making whilst also enabling the women to reconnect with their bodies and gain a sense of self confidence. 

“I really didn’t think that this kind of workshop was my kind of thing, I can’t believe how much I actually enjoyed it and got really involved. It was so empowering and made me feel like my opinion and ideas really mattered. This does not usually happen to me where I feel respected and part of something. I really enjoyed how the words we thought of could create something so wonderful and then when the movement was added it was like our words came alive. I really enjoyed this experience and glad I pushed myself to take part” - Participant

"I was approached by Gemma to look at offering the FLOW course to the women we support and women from the women’s rape and sexual abuse centre. I worked with Gemma to get the taster session organised and then supported the group for the first two weeks. I found the concept of FLOW and seeing it work in practice extremely powerful. It is very difficult to describe what the course is actually about but when you see it happening it is amazing the impact it can have for women. Gemma really impressed me with the skill she used in drawing out the creativity and confidence of a very vulnerable group of women. One woman made it to the end of the programme and the difference in her confidence was heart warming. She seemed to have a lot to give and say and by the end of the group she had the means to do so. This is invaluable for women who have been silenced and stigmatised for so long" - Sophie Gwyther (Team Leader - Women’s Support Services, Dundee Women’s Aid)

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