The Brilliant Club

role. PhD Tutor

date. June 2018 - Feburary 2020

location. South Wales

The Brilliant Club is a charity promoting fair access to highly-selective universities by placing PhD students and Post-Docs into non-selective state schools. As an Advanced Skills PhD Tutor, I developed a Key Stage 4 course based on my PhD research into British Hip Hop dance theatre which allows pupils to discuss Hip Hop's history and potential as political resistance, which was delivered to schools in Wales throughout 2019. One of my students' final assignments was subsequently published in "The Scholar", which is The Brilliant Club's academic journal of outstanding pupils' work.

For the Autumn 2019 term, I have developed another course, which responds to the shift in my PhD research, and is focused on British female choreographers redefining femininity and womanhood in Hip Hop dance theatre performance works for Key Stage 5 students.

My involvement with The Brilliant Club also requires a series of ongoing professional development opportunities. Since working with them, I have undertaken training in the following areas:

  • Developing courses in sensitive subjects

  • Developing students’ critical thinking

  • Widening University participation

  • Working in KS2

  • Getting student's talking constructively

  • Cognitive load pedagogy


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