title. Torry 24

company. The Artifact Dance Company

role. Co-Artistic Director and Performer

location. Seventeen, Aberdeen 

date. July 2015 - October 2015

Myself and theatre maker Angela Main were selected as the artists for Torry Sound Project, a collaboration between sonADA and Seventeen in Aberdeen.


In the proposed project 'Torry 24', we explored the question ‘What are the rhythms that Torry reveals? How do they sound?’ and produced two 24 hour pieces of physical performance and spoken word, about us as strangers navigating this new place.

Beginning the project with an immersive exploration of Torry as a site, a home, a place of work, we had no knowledge or expectation of what the work created and performed would be. Interest emerged in the everyday cogs, the happenings, the language and the sounds of Torry, the element of chance and coincidence within those cogs. In the attempt to gather and process everything we found, themes and connections, a struggle was already in wake. This struggle becoming a vital part of the work, communicating a subconscious of Torry and one within our own collaboration relationship, was carried forth into the durational 24 hour site specific performance in Torry. This performance was informed by the themes and the material collected during our initial residency in Torry and motivated from an intention to share our findings in a performative way over a duration of time. A show back of 24 hours in Torry. This connection and shared experience effected our work in the second venue: Seventeen, with a display of the journey we have been on, inclusion of the 24 hour soundtrack of recordings, a device that has become one of the only given circumstances of the performance work. The performance itself trusted in a strong intuition to strip bare information and material to uncover any imprint that was left on us as performers from our experience. A reconnection with time and how it was experienced throughout the process played a part in discovering the breakdown within our memories, stories and ability to keep our tentative balance, both physically and mentally within the understanding of internal navigation.

Photos by Naoko Mabon.

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